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Our story is just about to take a new direction as we move premises to Stonepail Road in Gatley. The only side of the business we will not be continuing is our office rental and hire of the board room other than that it will business as usual.  The most exciting development is our approach to Social Media and we continue to take the unknowledgeable to knowledgeable with great success.  Our new Social Ed website will be launched very soon.

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21/08/2013 - 15:25
After a very long time at 118 Gatley Road we are moving premises.  Ever since our tenants moved back to Yorkshire we have been rattling around the building and so we decided to move somewhere more appropriate to our needs.  We will still hold training sessions and there will still be somewhere to have a cup of coffee and to sit outside...

Adrienne and I met at a networking event and then met up for coffee and as a result of our conversation we agreed to do Adrienne's branding and website.  Following the visual planning meeting we had a very good feeling for Adrienne's business and her target markets so were able to develop her brand, logo and the website.  Adrienne wrote the content for her website and has received...

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  • Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 10:00
    Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 10:00
    There is a lot of talk about Social Media and the benefits to your business but what does that mean to you and your business.  Have you got up to speed with the hows and whys?  By working with our clients we have discovered gaps in understanding so have decided to launch our own social...

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BOSSco The Business Design Store

The theme of the BOSSCo website encompasses all that we do as a Business Design Store. We are quirky in our approach and we like to generate results as well as have fun.  By providing such a wide variety of products and services we offer businesses a one stop shop for support, design and creative business solutions.

Polaroid image of BOSSco the Business Design Store White CottageThe BOSSco Building

– The building with the orange tables and chairs is where BOSSco, The Business Design Store, lives.  We have our Digital Cafe so you can enjoy your coffee and cookies whilst we get on with your web design, printing, word processing and faxing.  WiFi available so you can get on with your work.  Always leave some time to browse around our store too as it’s filled with training tools, business gifts and stationery as well as personalised products and chocolate.  Essentially a big kids paradise!


Polaroid of the BOSSco Fishing Boat and NetThe Fishing Boat and Net

– We are all out there looking for the next big catch and we are more likely to influence those important customers on the Internet, through websites and social media.  The net is core to business success more and more in today’s evolving society, so BOSSco, The Business Design Store, provide a number of creative web products and services from, Website Design and Development, Internet Marketing and Social Media to SEO and Article writing and Submissions.  Look out for our new social media workshops and events.


Polaroid image of the BOSSco Shopping CartShopping Cart

- Represents the range of products and gifts on offer, many of them being quirky and unusual.  Our products range from Experiential Trainer Tools, trainer toys, to Graphic Facilitation tools.  .  We also have a range of business gifts.  At Christmas we can put together a complete sack of surprises for your Secret Santa.  You are always welcome to "play" or try a tool before you buy, if you fancy dropping in to our South Manchester store.  We also have an extensive range of products for personalisation.  Perfect for promotion, branding, exhibitions, give aways, reminders and getting your point across.  Again, our approach is to find out what you want to achieve and selecting the best products to meet your purpose and your budget.


Polaroid image of the BOSSco Printing PressPrinting Press

– Even though a lot of communication is done online, print is still important to businesses.  Every business starts with a business card, something you leave behind after one of those abundant networking events.  We combine digital print with a good old fashioned traditional service, to ensure you are presented in the best possible way on any paper you choose.  Shopping at BOSSco for your print and design for your business stationery, posters, banners and all advertising material will save you money.  We have some great offers - keep an eye out for our offer of the month.


Polaroid image of the BOSSco Branding CowsThe Cows

- They represent branding and logo development and are purple (for you Seth Godin Fans)!  The cheesy mooing is also important.  Sometimes the last thing you need to be is sophisticated.  When considering how to represent your business on and off line we think about your customers and what they might think about you.  We also consider how you can stand out from the crowd.  Business is changing.  How we do business is changing.  Is your business ready for change?  Its a very exciting time for businesses and we want to join you on your journey to greater success.


Polaroid image of the BOSSco Work Out Telephone BoxThe Phone Box

– Communication is key to any business and we provide a range of services to help you stay in contact with your customers whilst also presenting a professional image.  WorkOut at BOSSco provides virtual office services plus mailing and Registered Office address, meeting and interview rooms, service offices and the all important coffee shop for informal meetings, all in one place.


Polaroid image of the BOSSco FUNdemental UFOThe Spotty Spacecraft

– This is all about our FUNdemental Brand putting fun back into business and training.  This one gave us the most difficulty as the brand is black and spotty and we had all sorts of wacky ideas from a hot air balloon to a gum ball machine.  When at a networking event, discussing “fun in business” one guy just looked at me and just couldn’t grasp the concept and looked at me like I was from another planet – an alien.


Polaroid image of the BOSSco Guggenhaim Portfolio of our workThe Wonky Building

- The odd little orange building at the back is where we keep our portfolio of work, this will keep changing and updating, so check back for the latest developments.  You will also find in the BOSSco Wonky Building information on our clients businesses and the process they went through with BOSSco to help achieve their goals.


Polaroid image of the BOSSco Post BoxWith all of our website sections there is an abundance of fun and information to find out about the different products and services BOSSco The Business Design Store have to offer you.  If you like what you see and want to get down to business with BOSSco simply get in touch by click on the BOSSco Post Box.

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